Meet Wendy

Fawn2048pxWendy Hudnall is a photographer specializing in Fine Art Landscapes. Based in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, her work primarily centers on her favorite topic, keeping Tahoe Blue, but her affinity for wild horses and far off lands are also much featured topics. She prides herself on being a visual storyteller, striving to deliver impactful images that convey the grandeur she’s been so fortunate to witness while stirring the souls of those who experience them…inspiring others to get out into our gorgeous world and explore.

A city girl with her heart in the wilderness, Wendy has had a love affair with photography for as long as she can remember. Frequent camping and hiking trips across the US were a way of life from the time she was born, especially to the Eastern Sierras.  The magic that is Lake Tahoe claimed a special place in her heart and never let go.

During her lengthy career as a creative executive there was an internal war waging within. It was a voice saying there was more to life than the corporate culture where she always thought she belonged. The passing of her beloved father was a wake up call. Life is too short not to focus on what’s important. She left that life behind to focus on photography full time and has never looked back. Her time spent outdoors is always special and makes her feel closer to her Dad. Each image she produces is a heartfelt letter to him–a picture postcard to share a place she knows he would love and appreciate.

Today Wendy possesses a unique vision, blending technical and creative aspects to deliver unique imagery in a bold style that is truly her own. Her driving need for perfection is suited to landscape photography, as she believes there is nothing more perfect than nature itself. This belief is manifested in her art, which is produced on the highest quality state-of-the-art archival materials. The presentation of her organic images on these innovative surfaces creates the ultimate statement of understated luxury in any environment. Wendy completed a residency as the Featured Artist & Gallery Director at the Andrei Duman Gallery and has been featured in numerous publications including multiple Covers with Tahoe Quarterly magazine. To combine two of her passions, beautiful landscapes & amazing dogs, she launched DoggieTales Pho(dog)raphy. DoggieTales’ focus is to create extraordinary dog portraits for clients by capturing each dog’s unique & true spirit in the environment where they are most at home, the outdoors. For further information or to book a session please visit DoggieTales Pho(dog)raphy.